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The Proposal





Official Community Plan Compliant

Mosaic has submitted a Rezoning and Development Application for the properties 3015, 3033, 3093 Murray Street. The proposal complies with the Official Community Plan’s designation for mixed-employment and residential use up to six-storeys in height. The design includes three 5-storey residential buildings on top of a concrete podium with employment space for retail and light industrial businesses. The buildings include 215 homes, including 55 dedicated market rental homes and up to 27,000 sq ft of employment space.

More Homes

The project will add new housing options to the community with 1-bed, 1-bed and den, and 2-bed homes. With a range of sizes and price points, the homes are envisioned to cater to a variety of homeowners from those looking for their first place, those looking to simplify into less space, couples, and young families. To ensure livability for a variety of homeowners, Mosaic has committed 60% of the homes to include ageing in place provisions and 40% to be adaptable as defined by BC Building Code.

More Rental Homes

The entirety of the first building is proposed to be dedicated market rental—totalling 55 rental homes. This makes up 25% of the all homes within the community, and provides a significant contribution of new rental options and more housing choices within the City of Port Moody. The rental homes will be owned and operated by Mosaic.

More Jobs

The distinguished street level space is envisioned to be filled with a variety of businesses; light industrial, creative manufacturing, retail, restaurants and coffee shops. Between the street and mezzanine level there is up to 27,000 sq ft of total employment space, which will be for sale to businesses wanting to grow in Port Moody.

Urban Design and Architecture

The design transforms an under-utilized and vacant property into three mixed-use buildings with striking architectural design. Each home features high ceilings, big windows, and a large private balcony to provide natural light and an expansive view. The street level design reflects Murray Street’s industrial heritage and future, with extraordinary height, corrugated metal siding, a concrete podium, and distinctive window patterns or garage doors along the street.

Ample Amenity

The project includes an outdoor amenity park of 43,000 sq ft, just under one-acre, over 20 times greater than City Bylaw requirements. The park will provide residents areas for gathering, playing, and community gardens to serve all building residents. Further 1,798 sq ft of indoor amenity co-work space is included to support residents working from home, conducting meetings, or studying.

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