Brick is Better. Burke Mountain Townhomes

Tudor architecture is known for steeply pitched gable roofs, bold framed windows and rich brick details. Traditional meets contemporary. It’s what we brought to Victoria to create a perfect blend of style and ease. Tudor design is what makes Victoria beautiful, but the extra details are what makes us love these homes even more.

Pitched Gable Roofs

Drawing from Tudor design are the pitched gable roofs at Victoria. The roofs’ grey and black paint brush up against the white window frames and red brick below. The perfect blend of traditional influence and modern touches. We love that each roof is unique. This defines your home’s individual identity and will be sure to make visitors know exactly which home is yours.

More Windows. More Light

We designed Victoria with you in mind. When it comes to light, more is more. Our oversized windows allow for light to flood into every part of the home. We believe homes should be full of light, open and airy, rich in detail, and designed so that every inch counts. That’s why our windows are paired with 10-foot ceilings. It’s just one of the details that makes Victoria better.

Brick is Better

Homes should be beautiful both inside and out. Living at Victoria shouldn’t be limited to your experience inside. The outside is just as important. Warm brick details, inviting outside lighting, layers of vibrant flowers and greenery, tall trees and a gated picket fence distinguish a feeling of arriving home. We’ve finished each home with a bright red door and a matte black handle. We know your family will love the architecture and individuality of each home just as much as we do.


We love Victoria. A Better Home is our promise and we can’t wait to show you more.

To learn more about what makes Victoria better, give us a call at 604.945.0087 or email at We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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