Our Favourite Feature Wall Tips at Victoria – 3 & 4 Bedroom Coquitlam Townhouses

Feature Walls. Bold Patterns. It starts with creativity, a new perspective and the open mind to believing any wall design is possible, even for just a temporary amount of time. The feature walls at Victoria by Mosaic are great examples of how to be bold while keeping your home uniquely yours. Here are some great ways to bring colour, bold patterns and form and function into your home.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Colour

While many of us are fans of neutrals, adding a pop of colour into any space will add dimension and personality to any room. Dark green, for example, goes with almost anything and pairs well with pastel tones.

Be Bold with Patterns

We know wallpaper is making a massive comeback, but it leaves many of us wondering how we can actually use it in our own home. If you know you want a certain pattern but are worried you may want to change it years down the road, this is the perfect time to use wallpaper or wall decals. Wallpaper and decals can be removed easily and offer the bold look you’ve always wanted without having to commit to it forever. Bold patterns can be used on a bathroom wall, in a child’s room or in a powder room, making wallpaper and decals ideal for any space.

Use Form and Function

Form and function are important when designing any room. Every room should reflect your personality, your passions and the way your family lives. Establish how you want each room to function and then decide how you want the space to appear. A pinboard is a great way to keep organized, while adding in a creative flare to the room. You can add your to do lists, your family calendar, your children’s artwork or an organized photo wall that your teenage daughter will love.

You can now visit our 3 & 4 bedroom model homes at Victoria by Mosaic at 1221 Rocklin Street, Burke Mountain, Coquitlam. To learn more about Victoria give us a call at 604.945.0087 or email us at victoria@mosaichomes.com. We can’t wait to show you more.

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