The Interiors at Victoria by Mosaic

Big floorplans. More space. A Better Home. The way a home looks and feels defines what it is like to live in. Each room creates a strong and lasting first impression and fosters the perfect setting for special, everyday moments. It’s what makes living in a Victoria home better.

Big Windows

When designing each home at Victoria, we added 10-foot ceilings on the main floor and included low window sills to ensure natural light fills each floor. We also made our homes wider with bigger rooms and more space to use. Paired with a wood laminate floor in oak or walnut, homes at Victoria are sure to live better.

The Kitchens

Shaker-style cabinetry brushes up against strong black hardware that’s visible where you want it and hidden where you don’t. We also incorporated bigger countertops and expansive islands to make the room both beautiful and practical. Whether it’s for fast and hectic mornings or cooking for friends and family, design and functionality are paired together to create a space we love being in.

Early Riser

Getting everyone ready in the morning is hard enough. At Victoria, we want your mornings to be something you look forward to, not a part of your day you rush past. When designing the bathrooms at Victoria, we included bigger cabinets and larger counter tops to ensure that everyone has a place for their things that’s off the counters and out of sight. Practicality and design at Victoria go hand in hand. That’s why we paired the cabinets with a floating mirror, oversized tiles and sparking chrome. The same parts of the bathrooms that make the morning rush better are what creates a space that we know you’ll love spending time in at the end of the day.


We love the interior design of Victoria and can’t wait to share it with you.

To learn more about Victoria, give us a call at 604.945.0087 or email us at We look forward to speaking with you soon.



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