About Us

For over 25 years and over 7,000 homes later, our focus on designing and building Better Homes has never wavered. Let us share why you’ll love a Mosaic Home.

Details That Matter

Every Inch Counts

Our floorplans are designed for real life, allowing you to place furniture where you want it, without feeling squeezed. Great floorplans mean bigger beds, comfier couches and dining tables big enough to bring everyone around.

More Is Better

Taller ceiling heights, often 10-ft on the main floor. More light, more storage and more volume. Bigger windows too, brightening rooms by drawing in more natural light.

All the Small Things

Big, unobstructed walls to showcase your favourite art and photographs, with outlets and switches out of the way, are just some of the small details that matter in a Mosaic home.

You’ll Love It Here

A sense of place. We think about what it’s going to feel like when you arrive home. And, once you are home, why you will never want to leave.

Beautiful entries and memorable lobbies. Striking clubhouses. Green spaces, layers of landscaping and tree-lined streets.

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It All Comes Together Better

There’s a chance you’ll recognize a Mosaic home without even knowing it. Timeless designs and simple proportions, all layered with rich materials.

Bricks or shingles – there’s always more where it counts. When we go with something more contemporary, it’s the same principles, while taking advantage of today’s technologies and materials.

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Inside a Mosaic Home

We care just as much about how your home looks as how it feels – cozy, warm and inviting. Textured surfaces, warm colours and nods to traditional looks, redesigned for today.

Pulls where you need them. Handle-free cabinets where you don’t. More drawers for ease of use. Wood, stone and tile for a natural palette. Not classic versus contemporary. Not less versus more. But both, together.

Explore the inside of a Mosaic home.

Mosaic has really exceeded my expectations with the quality of finishings and details throughout my home. And most importantly their Home Care team has been great throughout the entire process.

Nate C. / James Walk Homeowner