Home is More Important Than Ever. Creating a WFH space for the Kids Too.

Last week, House & Home magazine shared some of our tips on designing a space at home where the little ones can also be productive. Read on for her top tips:

Kids Need A Desk Too

“Whether it’s just a space for drawing and doing crafts or a place to get homework done, kids need a desk space to be productive. I always like to place desks near the window to allow for plenty of natural light, and if you’re working with a small bedroom space, try setting up a multi-functional desk space in a communal room.”

Use The Vertical Space

“There are plenty of ways to make the most of a small space. One of my favorite techniques to give a kid’s room more space is to use a loft bed. This gives you extra space below the child’s sleeping space to create a reading nook, a desk space or just extra room for play.”

Have Fun With The Design

“With kids spending more time at home in their bedrooms, it’s important to make sure the space is something they will be excited about. Don’t be afraid of bright colors and playful, even wacky, prints — if a child is excited about their room, they’ll be happy to spend more time there, which might be helpful if you’re trying to work from home as well. Decals add expression into a kid’s bedroom or playroom, and can easily be removed or changed when your child grows out of them.”

Don’t Forget About Storage

“More time at home might mean we are living with a few more toys, books and art supplies these days. Consider smart storage to keep items accessible but contained. Brightly-colored storage bins, woven baskets, wall mounted shelves, open cubbies and book ledges can be beautiful and functional.”

Give The Kids A Creative Canvas

“Turn blank walls into creative spaces for expression. Large pin boards and wire wall grids are an opportunity for kids to make their own artwork and be inspired. Create a memorable feature wall while providing an on-going interactive activity for kids.”

No Space Is Too Small

“Finding and dedicating a special space for kids can be tough and sometimes this means getting creative with where and how you set this space up. In a kid’s bedroom, you can replace a nightstand with a small desk and add open shelves for display and storage.”

We’re continuing to share #stayhome tips from our team. Follow along on our Instagram to see what we’re talking about next.

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